Feasibility Study

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Broad in-house expertise and extensive project experience gives Gay and Neel, Inc. the understanding to provide well-prepared and thorough Feasibility Studies for a vast array of development projects. The results of the study are used by our Clients to assess the development potential and value of a proposed project.

Study results will identify opportunities and constraints. Constraints include physical, environmental, and regulatory obstacles, if any that may negatively impact an intended use.

Potential yield, or carrying capacity, must be analyzed in conjunction with local ordinances and available infrastructure. Off-site infrastructure needs must also be ascertained.

Proper analysis will allow an economic evaluation to be conducted of the project. This evaluation is used by our Clients to determine the worth of a proposed project. For example, the results can assist in negotiating the cost of land purchases, in securing financing, and in presenting the project to other project-related decision makers.

Feasibility Study Image

Because we know that time and money are our Client's major concern, Gay and Neel, Inc. maintains the Staff and resources to quickly and efficiently perform this early stage of a project. It is our goal to provide our Client with an accurate assessment to help determine what uses are economically feasible or whether the potential project can be profitable.

Gay and Neel, Inc. is ready to discuss your potential project. Contact us to find out how our expertise and experience can benefit your project.