Site Development Plans

Site Development Plans are the core construction documents for any development project. The plans are prepared for several reasons. They allow transfer of a Client's ideas and needs to a working document, they allow review by regulatory or permitting authorities, and they are used in the construction and quality control phase of the project.

Gay and Neel, Inc. begins any Site Development Plan by reviewing the Scope of the proposed project and interviewing the Client to further define the "Vision" of the project. This Vision must then be molded into a layout that is both constructible and functional in its desired goal. The layout typically will then be modified to conform to local ordinances and development standards.

Site Development

A third use of the Site Development Plan is for construction of the project. It is arguably the most important use of the plan and can have a tremendous negative or positive impact on a project. A well-developed plan should take into account the construction personnel that will use it. Easy project layout, ease in constructibility, adherence to industry standards, and use of familiar materials will make for a smoother running project; one that is easily monitored for quality, and one that gets the Contractors to “buy-into” the project and take pride in the execution of their trade.

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