Skate Park Design

Whether it's for skateboarders, in-line skaters, or BMXer’s, the construction of Skateparks is on the rise. The parks are being built and operated as private enterprises and municipal parks, alike. It is being realized that this is a new sport, not just a passing fad and accommodations for recreation are being made.

Skate Park

Gay and Neel, Inc. is staying abreast of this quickly developing sport by visiting existing sites, interviewing the riders, meeting with equipment designers and vendors, and preparing designs to meet the needs of a particular community.

Gay and Neel, Inc.'s experience with recreation and community park design ensures that locations of facilities are well thought out, that amenities are provided for the users as well as the non-using visitors, and that the facilities are designed to encourage use by all age groups in a "family-friendly" atmosphere.

Currently we are using our Landscape Architecture Staff to incorporate "street" obstacles along with ramps and rails to re-create the "Urban Plaza" that is amenable to today's skaters and riders. The designs allow users of all levels to interact and improve their skills while providing a warm, friendly, "space" for leisure activity.

The Engineering Staff at Gay and Neel, Inc. also provides a vital role in the planning and design of parks. From stormwater management to utilities to materials specifications, our experience in the design of recreational facilities will insure easier maintenance and greater equipment durability.

Give us a call and let Gay and Neel, Inc. assist you with project feasibility, design development, final construction documents, and construction observation.