Stormwater Management

Gay and Neel, Inc. provides stormwater management plans for all types of development; municipal, commercial, residential and institutional. By combining "boots on the ground" site visits with the latest hydraulic and hydrologic modeling software, our experienced engineers possess the skills and tools to provide stormwater solutions. We provide comprehensive design for all types of stormwater quantity and quality management features such as: detention and retention ponds, closed conduit underground detention, bio-retention cells (aka rain gardens), pervious pavements, and many others.

Pervious Paver image
Pervious paver designs can save valuable acreage by eliminating the site stormwater management footprint.
Bioretention image
Bioretention can provide aesthetic value while meeting regulatory requirements for stormwater quantity and quality management.

Gay and Neel, Inc. has considerable experience with stormwater quality management design criteria. With knowledge of the governing codes and ordinances, Gay and Neel, Inc. always involves the governing municipality to make sure their requirements are met and costly design revisions are not necessary. With our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing stormwater regulations that trickle down from the EPA and Richmond, Gay and Neel, Inc. seeks to provide value by minimizing the economic and site design impacts of stormwater management requirements.

Gay and Neel, Inc. has designed stormwater management features for drainage basins as small as 10,000 square feet up to 2,000 acres for residential, commercial and industrial clients and has provided our Clients with comprehensive, economical plans for managing the stormwater runoff from their site. We endeavor to get all questions answered and concerns addressed regarding stormwater management prior to beginning construction. Give us a call to discuss your stormwater management options today.