Traditional Neighborhood Planning & Design

Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) is an approach to residential subdivision design that draws upon historical precedent to give physical form to neighborhoods that promote a sense of community. Neo-Traditional Neighborhoods are designed with the primary focus on creating people-friendly environments.

Neo-Traditional Neighborhood Characteristics:

  • An innerconnected network of narrow streets, sidewalks, and paths that emphasis the movement of people while accommodating the automobile.
  • Diversity in housing types that provides for a range of income levels and family types.
  • A hierarchy of public spaces in the form of open space, community squares, and neighborhood parks.
  • A central community focus that provides the opportunity for public gatherings, commercial activity, and facilities for cultural and educational endeavors.
  • Streetscapes that provide for quality everyday living. This includes pedestrian scale streets, street-trees, sidewalks, and homes that are “connected” to the street by porches and pleasing front setbacks.
  • Neighborhood densities that afford the opportunity for resident interaction.

Gay and Neel, Inc. has been very active in promoting and developing Traditional Neighborhood Design. In addition, Gay and Neel, Inc. is involved in facilitating variations on the TND approach such as cohousing communities and Rural Village Designs.

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Traditional Neighborhood Planning