Civil Engineering FAQ
Q. Why do I need Professional Engineering Services?

A. The simplest and most compelling reason to utilize the Services of a Licensed Professional Engineer is that State Law requires it. The Virginia State Code states that a valid license is required to engage in design, consultation, evaluation, or analysis that involves proposed or existing improvements to real property. As a practical matter, the Services of an Engineer will insure proper design and documentation of proposed improvements. Many permitting activities associated with improvements to real property also require the involvement, or oversight of a qualified, licensed Professional. Gay and Neel, Inc. maintains a Staff of Professionals licensed or registered in Land Surveying and Engineering.

Q. What is "Alternative Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Technology"?

A. Many of the sites being proposed for development today cannot adequately treat and dispose of sewer effluent using conventional means. The inadequacies may be related to poorly drained soils, shallow depth to an impervious layer, or lack of adequate space. New and sometimes old technologies are being employed to address these inadequacies. These technologies include additional treatment of the effluent prior to disposal into marginal soils and improved methods of disposal to better utilize the existing soil properties. Gay and Neel, Inc. maintains a continuing interest in exploring and utilizing these technologies, both new and old. Types of systems designed, permitted, and in operation include: aeration, constructed wetlands, recirculating sand filters, various proprietary treatment and filtration units, low pressure distribution, enhanced flow, drip disposal, and infiltration beds.

Q. What is "Stormwater Management"?

A. In developing a site for a new use, it is critical from a practical, as well as a legal standpoint, to properly collect, convey, and discharge stormwater on your site. A Stormwater Management Plan will quantify the anticipated flows from certain "design" storms, will propose the method of conveyance, e.g. culvert pipes or open ditches, and will show how to minimize the negative stormwater runoff impact on downstream properties. Gay and Neel, Inc.'s Staff is well versed in the different methodologies for estimating runoff from different types of sites subjected to storms of typical duration. We combine sound engineering methods with practical experience to design Stormwater Management Systems that are effective, cost conscious, and environmentally sensitive.