Unique & Special Projects


Some of our projects are interesting and  different, some are just fun, here are a few notable ones

Christiansburg Aquatic Center, Swim Lane Length Certifications, United States Swimming

Gay and Neel certified the swimming lane lengths to timing touchpads for United States Swimming, NCAA and ACC sanctioned swim meets.

Guinness World Record in Grape Throwing, Distance Certification for Record Setting Throw, 2012, Virginia Tech (pictured)

We provided surveyors certification of world record for grape thrown and caught in mouth by person who threw it for Guinness Book Of World Records

University Crossroad, “Air Space Condominium” Survey, Blacksburg

For condominium units in existing building that was being torn down and replaced, a plat delineating horizontal and vertical units was created for record of owners interests until new building could be erected to enclosed the units.

LiDAR (traffic ‘radar’) Test Range Length Certification, Blacksburg Police Department

We provide periodic baseline calibration surveys for LiDAR for the Blacksburg Police Department, so if their instruments say you are speeding, you ARE speeding…..

Guinness World Record in Grape Throwing

Guinness World Record in Grape Throwing