Stephanie R. Bell

Office Manager

William A. Brockman

Survey Field Technician

Ralph O. Clements, L.S.

Director of Surveying

Elliot S. Delp, E.I.T.

Project Engineer

Michael G. Gay, P.E.

Senior Project Manager


Kevin J. Dickerson

Senior Survey Technician

Timothy D. Guthrie, P.E.

Project Engineer

Trevor M. Kimzey, P.E.

Director of Engineering

Mark B. Lester

Design Technician

Zeke K. Moore

Design Technician


Matt T. Mosteller, L.S.

Survey Project Manager

Blake A. Pettiford

Project Engineer

Abe P. Price

Survey Crew Chief

Liz M. Quesenberry

Design Technician


Kate M. Turner

Administrative Assistant

Sarah C. Weir

Administrative Assistant


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Staff Recognition

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